GS6 Speakers

Kyungchul Shin

Dr Kyungchul Shin, Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific Speaker

President, Yujin Robot Co. Ltd, Seoul, Korea.

Home Service Robots Innovate Typical Gender Role (download presentation here pdf icon)
Parallel Session 3: Advancing Gender Sensitive Innovation Ecosystems

Kyungchul Shin received the B.S., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea in 1982 and from University of Michigan, USA in 1988 respectively. Dr Shin was the President of Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association between 2003 and 2006. And also he is the member of The National Academy of Engineering of Korea since 2010. He is appointed as the Chairman of KOSDAQ Listed Companies Association in 2015. Dr Shin is specifically interested in developing various service robots that contributes to utmost convenience and betterment of lifestyle. He is Currently serving as the President of Yujin Robot Co., Ltd, which has been developing various service robots.

 Summary of talk for Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific:

Service robots have been driving new technologies during the last couple of decades. However, service robots have not been well deployed except as vacuum cleaning robots. The one of crucial reason for this is that many robots have been developed more from the engineer's perspective rather than from user’s perspective. Users look for products with good design and good service at a low cost. Moreover, major users of home robots are women and many of them are not technical experts. Robots utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) can be a good direction to enable home robots to be widely used. In this presentation, ideas on how the IoT can be used to increase value of service robots from the user’s perspective will be presented.