GS6 Speakers

YoonJu Song

Dr YoonJu Song, Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific Speaker

Associate Professor, Catholic University of Korea, Korea.

Different Association between Dietary Carbohydrate and Metabolic Syndrome Risk by Sex
Workshop: Gendered Innovations in Engineering Technology & Industry, Clinical Practice and Life Science Research

Dr YoonJu Song is an associate professor at the Catholic University of Korea. Her research interests focus on the role of dietary factors in metabolic diseases among the Korean population, which has distinct dietary culture compared to the Western population. She has been to examine different aspects of dietary factors such as nutrient level, food intake level, or dietary patterns and evaluate their impact on the prevalence of metabolic diseases within the Korean population. She is the secretary of the Korea Federation Women’s Science & Technology Associations (KOFWST) and a member of the Korean Nutrition Society and the East Asian Society of Dietary Life.