GS6 Speakers

Sun Young Jang

Sun Young Jang, Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific speaker

Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Ulsan, Korea. 

How far does the impact of one movement go? (download presentation here pdf icon)
Conference: Improving Diversity of STEMM Talents: K-12 Programmes

Sun Young Jang is a professor, in the Department of Mathematics, University of Ulsan. She obtained her B. S. from Seoul National University and her Ph. D Seoul National University. She has been Visiting Professor at Sogang University (1988-1989), Tokyo Metropolitan University (1991), Purdue University (1966-1967), and Seoul National University (2008 -2009 and 2015-2016). She was president of the Korean Women’s Mathematical Association from 2009-2010 and Vice President of the Korean Mathematical Society from 2010- 2011. She was on the Committee of the Korean National Science and Technology Commission from 2011- 2013 and on the Executive Committee of the Local Organizing Committee of 2014 Seoul ICM, 2012-2014. She is also director of the Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology Center (WISET) from 2007-present.

Summary of talk for Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific: 

In this talk we are going to think about the influence and impact of the program and center cultivating professional women and the way to increase it. I woud like to pick one city Ulsan in order to describe it. Ulsan is the first industrial city in Korea and it's GDP, which is almost two-times of other cities' GDP, is high among cities in Korea. However Ulsan is one of the city whose the ratio of women's part in economy is very low. Why? There are several reasons. One potential reason is that Ulsan has been male-oriented in many areas. In 2007 WISE center which seems strange to Ulsan was established. It ran several programs for women in universities as well as middle and high girl students. Specially lab touring program and visiting science class program are very influent both mentees who are middle and high school students and mentors who are graduate or undergraduate students, Its' influence moves like water waves and spreads from one point to other. We can see many changes in schools, universities, companies, and other societies. Even though there are still some problems to be solved and overcome. Now we are to think about next step, how to promote it.