Lillemor Dahlgren

Lillemor Dahlgren, Gender Summit 7 EU Speaker

Head of Operations, gender equality, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.  

Gender mainstreaming in 41 Swedish governments agencies
Panel 4: Demonstrating the benefits of supporting gender mainstreaming policy in science

Lillemor Dahlgren is the head of operations of gender equality at the Swedish secretariat for Gender research at the University of Gothenburg, and in charge of the GMGA programme (gender mainstreaming in government agencies). She has previously worked as an gender equality expert within several different government agencies, such as the Swedish Police and the County Administrative Board, with the main focus on gender mainstreaming, but also gender equality in general. She is also the representative of Sweden in the Gender Equality Commission (GEC) at the Council of Europe.

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