Dr Jörg Müller (GS7EU)

Dr Jörg Müller, Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific Speaker
Senior researcher, Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, and Coordinator GenPORT, Spain. 

GenPORT - Your Gateway to Gender and science
KEF 1: Improving access to experts and knowledge

Dr Jörg Müller is currently senior researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3 – UOC) in Barcelona, Spain where he forms part of the Gender and ICT research program. He obtained his PhD in Communications at the European Graduate School (EGS) in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and holds a degree in Sociology and Computer Science from the Free-University in Berlin, Germany.

He's been an expert advisor to the European Commission DG Research and Innovation. He is Adjunct Part Time Faculty in the Media Studies Program, The New School (New York, USA) where he teaches courses on web programming and media literacy. Main research interests include practice based approach to gender (in)equality, especially in relation to the valuing of professional knowledge in the new economy, and new (digital) methodological approaches to social sciences. Currently he is coordinating “GenPORT – An Internet Portal for Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Collaborative Action on Gender and Science” (FP7 2013-2017). Starting in 2015 he will lead the H2020 project on the impact of Gender Diversity on Team Science (Gedii).