Alison Bert

Alison Bert, Gender Summit speaker

Editor in Chief, Elsevier Connect.

Gender in Science - how to make people understand why it matters
KEF 1: Improving access to experts and knowledge

Alison Bert is Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier Connect, which features with daily stories for the global science, health and technology communities. Elsevier Connect launched in 2012 as an online platform where members of the global research community could learn about each other’s work and engage in conversation. It provides a lens to explore the complex and ever-evolving worlds of science and publishing. Contributors write about their work, provide insight into trends and current events, and give advice for early-career stage researchers. As a journalist, Alison helps them bring their stories to life in words and images, making complex topics engaging and meaningful to a global audience.

With her background as a newspaper reporter and university instructor, Alison is also sought-after writing coach known for her engaging workshops and webinars. Before joining Elsevier in 2007, Alison was a business reporter and blogger for The Journal News, a Gannett daily newspaper in New York. In the previous century, she was a classical guitarist on the music faculty of Syracuse University. She has a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Arizona, was a Fulbright Scholar in Spain and studied with Andrés Segovia in an international master class.  

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