Dr Lei Pan

Dr Lei Pan, Gender Summit 6 Eu speaker

Content & Analytics Product Manager, Elsevier.

Elsevier Content and Analytics - Comparing gender authorship across fields
Parallel 5: Scientific inclusion and diversity in science structures and practices

Dr Lei Pan is Content and Analytics Product Manager at Elsevier, based in Amsterdam. In her role, she manages projects that assess the research performance of countries and universities to identify research strengths and weaknesses, and inform research managers, funding bodies and policy makers in their decision making. Her work relies on analysing large amount of publication, citation, macroeconomic and patent data from various sources, and consulting the views and needs of stakeholders is the key to the usefulness of her projects. Previously, she worked as assistant professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and consultant at Ecorys. She holds a PhD in Economics from VU Amsterdam and a Master in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute.