Assoc Prof Lisbeth Söderqvist

Assoc Prof Lisbeth Söderqvist, Gender Summit 7 Eu speaker

Senior analyst, Swedish Research Council, Sweden.

Gender equality observations of peer review process
Panel 2: Assessment of scientific excellence: practices, processes, outcomes

Lisbeth Söderqvist works with gender equality questions as well as with other analyses at the Department of Research Policy/Policy Advice Unit at The Swedish Research Council, an official research funding body which advises the Swedish Government on research policy issues. She received her PhD from Stockholm University in 2001 and was appointed Associate Professor in 2008.

Last year the Swedish Research Council carried out its fourth round of gender equality observations. It is the Research Council's own peer review processes that are the focus of the observations. Each round of observations has resulted in a report that provides the basis for measures and recommendations for improving our evaluation process from a gender equality perspective. The 2015 report will be presented by Lisbeth Söderqvist at the Gender Summit 7. You’ll find the report here.