Dr Mihaela Nica

Dr Mihaela Nica, Gender Summti speaker

Value & Access Manager, Novartis Farma, Italy.

Post-hoc analysis of gender effects in therapeutics
Parallel 1: Representing human diversity in biomedical research

Dr Mihaela Nica is a senior healthcare professional with medical background, graduated M.D. and specialized in Infectious Diseases, and a solid experience in big pharma companies like GSK and Novartis, both in developed markets (Italy) and in emerging markets (Romania). She covered different roles in medical departments (MSL Head, Medical Director) developing a strong experience in Clinical Trials, HEOR, Medical Communications and KOL Management.

In addition she had the great opportunity to work in Market Access department with different roles, both field and headquarters, having developed a 3600 overview of the pharmaceutical industry business and of the healthcare systems, mainly in Italy. Dr. Nica works is Patient Access Department of Novartis Italy where she has responsibility in Real World Evidence and Gender Medicine, and a personal interest in the sustainability of the healthcare systems.