Dr Helene Schiffbaenker

Helene Schiffbaenker, Gender Summit 7 EU Speaker

Senior Researcher, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft, Austria.

Results from the gendERC project – Gendered dimensions in ERC grant selection
KEF 2: Dealing with gender differences in the early stages of scientific careers

Helene Schiffbaenker is senior researcher in the research group Technology, Innovation and Policy Consulting at POLICIES – Institute for Economic and Innovation Research of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. She graduated in Sociology at the University of Vienna and also did her PhD there. In 1996, she started her career at the institute of Labor market Policy (IFA Wien) in Vienna, working on female labor market participation and innovative employment fields. She joined JOANNEUM RESEARCH in 2001 and focused here on gender in research and innovation policy.

She worked on the design and implementation of different funding programs for women in technology, like w-fFORTE and FEMtech, (as scientific manager from 2008-2010). She led the Austrian part in GENDERA (Gender debate in the European Research AreaI) in FP 7. Her actual research interest is on career trajectories and the organizational contexts they are embedded in (PhD in 2011).   Special fields of research:

•Gender in Technology and innovation

•Program design in Research and Innovation Policy

•Evaluation of ICT programs for women

Read the Report for the research project  ‘Paternity leave: Impacts on male careers’, project lead by Dr Schiffbaenker