Prof Simone Buitendijk

Prof Simone Buitendijk, Gender Summit 7 EU Speaker

Vice-Rector, Leiden University, Netherlands, and Chair of League of European Research Universities (LERU) Gender Equality Group.

Simone Buitendijk MD, MPH, PhD is Vice-rector Magnificus in charge of teaching and learning and of diversity and member of the Board of the University of Leiden. She is Professor and Chair of Women’s and Family Health at the Leiden University Medical Center. Simone Buitendijk studied Medicine in Utrecht, received a Master’s degree in Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine in the US, and earned her PhD degree in Leiden.She is a member of the LERU (League of European Research Universities) Gender Steering Group. She co-authored the 2013 LERU position paper ‘'Women, research and universities: excellence without gender bias"  and of the 2015 LERU advice paper of Gendered Research and Innovation (in press).

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