Prof Nelly Stromquist

Prof Nelly Stromquist, Gender Summit 8 speakerProfessor, International Education Policy, College of Education, Univeristy of Maryland, USA.

Dr Stromquist holds a Ph.D. degree in international development education from Stanford University and a master's in political science from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She specializes in issues related to social change and gender, which she examines from the perspective of critical sociology. Her research interests focus on the dynamics of educational policies and practices, gender relations, and equity, particularly in Latin America. She is author of numerous articles and several books. Among the books as sole author, most recent are Feminist Organizations and Social Transformation in Latin America (2006); Education in a Globalized World: The Connectivity of Economic Power, Technology, and Knowledge (2002); and Literacy for Citizenship in Brazil: Gender and Grassroots Dynamics in Brazil (1997).

She is also co-editor of The World Bank and Education: Critiques and Alternatives (2012) and editor of La construccion del genero en las politicas publicas: Perspectivas comparadas desde America Latina (2006) and Globalization and Culture: Integration and Contestation across Cultures (2000). She was a Fulbright New Century Scholar during 2005-06 and the recipient of the Swedish Kerstin Hesselgren award for 2012. She is former president of the Comparative and International Education Society.