Prof Diego Aboal

Prof Aboal, Gender Summit 8 Speaker Director, Centre for Economic Research (CINVE-Uruguay), Uruguay.

Diego Aboal is the Director of the Centre for Economic Research (CINVE-Uruguay). He holds a PhD in Economics (University of Essex, UK), a Master of Science in Economics (London School of Economics, UK) and a Master in Economics and BA in Economics (Universidad de la República, Uruguay). He is Professor at Universidad ORT Uruguay and Universidad de la República. During 2007-2008 he was a temporary Lecturer of Econometrics in the Master of Finance at the University of Cambridge (UK). His papers have been published in the following journals: Economics of Innovation and New Technology, World Development, Journal of Development Studies, Small Business Economics, European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, CEPAL Review. His main research areas are: Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation, Political Economy and Economics of Crime and Violence

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