Dr Nestor Gandelman

Dr Gandelman, Gender Summit 8 Speaker Director, Department of Economics, Universidad ORT, Uruguay.

Nestor Gandelman holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Rochester and is the Director of the Department of Economics of Universidad ORT Uruguay. He teaches courses on Principles of Economics, Labor Economics and Applied Research Methodology. Gandelman is engaged in an intense research agenda on applied microeconomic with focus on development and policy impact in Latin America. His research interests are broad including firm level research, housing economics and subjective life indicators. Gandelman has a long term concern on gender issues. His published work includes including analysis of housing markets (Gandelman 2009), judicial process (Gandelman, Gandelman and Rothchild 2010), glass ceilings in labor markets (Carillo, Gandelman and Robano 2014) and differencs in subjective well being (Arrosa and Gandelman 2016). Gandelman is a level II researcher of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores  

#SpeakerPreview: Watch Dr Gandelmans speak about his paper presented at the GDN 13th Annual Conference. Entitled "Inter-Generational Effects of Titling Programs: Physical vs. Human Capital"