GS9 Speakers

Lotta Strandberg

Dr Lotta Strandberg, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Senior adviser, NordForsk; Associate professor, Bergen University College, Norway.

Developing the Nordic She Figures
Plenary: Improving quality of STEM gender equality indicators

Lotta Strandberg, (PhD., MSc. (Econ.)) is a senior adviser at NordForsk. NordForsk is an organisation that facilitates and provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure. She is responsible for the Nordic programme The Nordic Gender Paradox: Gender Gaps in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area. Through new and innovative, yet focused and result-oriented activities, this joint Nordic initiative will make a significant contribu­tion to gender issues on the research and innovation agenda. The aim of the initiative is to pinpoint the reason for why the research and innovation area has not followed the trend towards a gender equal society and to identify the measures needed to remedy this. 

Prior to this Dr Strandberg worked as a Research Coordinator for Nordic Women’s Studies Gender Research and taught at the University of Helsinki, Finland for many years.