GS9 Speakers

Rano Burkhanova

Rano Burkhanova, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Head of Talent Development Europe, Human Resources, Elsevier, The Netherlands.

EDGE Initiative at Elsevier: Leading the Way Through Diversity
Parallel: Transforming organizational structures, practices, and working conditions in a systematic way

Rano Burkhanova is the Head of Talent Development Europe and the global lead for the EDGE gender diversity program implementation at Elsevier. Rano has more than 10 years of work experience in leadership development and talent management. She has a passion for diversity and inclusion, coming from Tajikistan and having lived in five countries and worked in three international locations in her career. She thrives on bringing together people from different cultures and bridging the differences. She was educated in Russia and the United States and holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations with a concentration in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior from Cornell University.

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