GS9 Speakers

Sarah Hiltner

Sarah Hiltner, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Award Winner of the German National Congress of Gender Health (Bundeskongress GenderGesundheit).

Implementing Gender Medicine: Strategies in Europe
Parallel: Integrating sex and gender in research and researcher training

Sarah Hiltner MA is a physical therapist and sociologist specialized in gender medicine and digital health literacy. She obtained her social science B.A. from the Humboldt University in Berlin and currently finishes her Master in Sociology at the University of Potsdam. She combined her medical and academic education in her bachelor studies, graduating with an award winning thesis about the representation of men and women in cardiology textbooks. She has been working as a student at the Institute of Gender Medicine in Berlin on several projects. In her master thesis she interviewed experts to investigate the implementation strategies of sex- and gender-sensitive medicine at European Universities.

In addition to her academic activities, she is involved in increasing analog and digital health literacy by adressing the public in lectures, e.g. “Coding your body”. She is also engaged in inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue of medicine and gender studies, participating in the German Gender Studies Association.

#SpeakerPreview Watch Sarah talking about Gender Medicine: What has sex got to do with it?