GS9 Speakers

Nick Perkins

Nick Perkins, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Director, SciDev.Net.

Supporting Gender Awareness in Research Practice and Uptake
Parallel: Communicating gender to inform policy and change societal attitudes (selected abstracts)

Nick Ishmael Perkins is Director of SciDev.Net, the popular science journalism platform for international development. Nick has worked as a journalist, media trainer and project manager for over 20 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. He cofounded Media for Development, an award-winning consultancy, providing support in a variety of areas of communication for global development. Since 2005 Nick’s work has focused on knowledge management and research communication. He trained as a journalist in Canada and has a postgraduate degree in anthropology and development from the University of Sussex. He has written a number of articles and training resources on communication for social change. He was Head of Research Communication at the Institute of Development Studies before moving to SciDev.Net.

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