GS9 Speakers

Sarah Singh

Sarah Singh. Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

PhD Candidate, Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Sex and Gender Requirements in Biomedical and Public Health Funding
Parallel: Communicating gender to inform policy and change societal attitudes

Sarah Singh is an external PhD candidate in the Department of Health, Ethics and Society at Maastricht University. Her research explores how the concepts of sex and gender are conceptualized in recent biomedical and public health grant funding requirements introduced in Canada (Canadian Institutes of Health Research), the United States (National Institutes of Health) and Europe (European Commission). Specifically, her research explores the impact of these sex and gender requirements on biomedical and public health research and how contributions from feminist biomedical and public health scientists could serve to improve these sex and gender requirements and research.

Sarah completed at Masters’ Degree in the Department of Political Science at York University in Canada. From 2011- 2012 she worked as a researcher on the US/EU Gendered Innovations Project. Sarah Singh currently works as a Consultant for Alberta Health Services in Canada.