GS9 Speakers

Prof Kumie Inose

Prof Kumie Inose, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Vice-President, Science Council of Japan.

Plenary: Gender Summit – global policy impact

Kumie Inose is a professor of English Department at Konan University and a Vice-President of the Science Council of Japan. With a doctorate degree in History from Kyoto University, she specializes in modem British history and seeks to develop new analyses of the British Empire through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates cultural, social and intellectual history, postcolonial and gender studies. She has been engaged in a wide range of SCJ activities, including participation in projects on a gender-equal society, gender-related issues, national security, research integrity, the recognition of history, and history education bridging between secondary and higher education. She has also been participated in the committees relating the Great East Japan Earthquake and “Science and Society”.