Dr Alastair van Heerden

Dr van Heerdeen, Gender Summit 5 Africa speaker

Postdoc Fellow, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa. 

Rapporteur (download presentation here pdf icon) 
Topic B: Learning from and overcoming gender disparities through research

Dr Alastair van Heerden is a Postdoc Fellow at the Human Sciences Research council in South Africa. Dr van Heerden completed his PhD in 2013 looking at the public health implications of the rapid rise in ubiquitous pervasive computing. Over the past 8 years Dr van Heerden has both managed and been an investigator on a number of NIH grants. He has published on the topic of mHealth in both local and international peer-reviewed journals and is currently interested in how, and the implications of, the way technology intersects with gender.