Dr Leanne Seeliger

Dr Leanne Seeliger, Gender Summit 5 Africa speaker

Chief Researcher, Economic Performance and Development, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa. 

Topic E: Funders affecting change in research strategies and priorities

Dr Leanne Seeliger is a researcher in Economic Performance and Development at the Human Sciences Research Council in Cape Town. She is currently working on an NRF funded research project entitled: Resilient Cities: Towards a New Green Growth Path. Dr Seeliger obtained her DPhil at Stellenbosch University in 2009. Before joining the HSRC, she was actively involved in an environmental non- governmental organization in Stellenbosch. She also lectured in environmental philosophy at the University of Stellenbosch and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Her other area of research interest includes how environmental and social justice values are included in national and local budget priorities.