Leshell Hatley

Leshell Hatley, Gender Summit 5 Africa speaker
Founder and Executive Director, Uplift Inc; Board Member, Juxtopia® Imhotep, International.

Knowledge Exchange Forum: Entrepreneurship by Women STEM
Topic G: Building Africa’s scientific human capital

Leshell Hatley is a computer engineer, educator, and innovator who leads teams of enthusiastic students and professionals towards innovative tech-based product designs to improve human performance.  One current project is wearable tele-health platform to significantly prevent & and manage health disparities that adversely impact populations around the world starting with United States populations at risk for health disparities. This band is a consumer-friendly & wearable device platform capable of non-invasively preventing, diagnosing, and capturing data for a set of disease, illness, and injury disparities.  Other projects focus on tangible learning technologies, intelligent tutors, oral hygiene, and augmented reality goggles. 

Ms Hatley has also logged over 15,000 hours teaching African-American and Latino elementary, middle, and high school students in formal and informal educational environments as the Founder and Executive Director of Uplift, Inc., a nonprofit organization, Over the past several years, Uplift's trailblazing work with students in the areas of robotics, mobile app development, and culturally relevant learning technology has provided inspiration, insight, and guidance to similar organization's across the globe. She is also the creator of  Myles & Ayesha, African-American animated characters that are positioned as learning companions for early childhood and elementary school students.